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Vol 1/2 (2010) A Buddhist Woodblock-printed Map and Geographic Knowledge in 13th Century China Abstract
Hyunhee Park
Vol 6 (2012) A Preliminary Study of the Changes in Textile Production under the Influence of Eurasian Exchanges during the Song-Yuan Period Abstract
Chuan-hui MAU 毛傳慧
Vol 7 (2013) A Reflection on Cultural Interaction Through European-Chinese Relations in Seventeenth-Century Hirado: Gift-giving in a Context of Blurred Borders between Social Relations, Trade and Smuggling Abstract
Vol 3 (2011) Appendix to Angela Schottenhammer, “Brokers and ‘Guild’ (huiguan 會館) Organizations in China’s Maritime Trade with her Eastern Neighbours during the Ming and Qing Dynasties”, Crossroads 1/2 (2010), 99–150. Abstract
Angela Schottenhammer
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings Beyond National History: Seeking the Ethnic in China’s History Abstract
Evelyn S. Rawski
Vol 1/2 (2010) Crossroads – An Introduction Abstract
Angela Schottenhammer
Vol 1/2 (2010) From Chen Cheng to Ma Wensheng: Changing Chinese Visions of Central Asia Abstract
Morris Rossabi
Vol 8 (2013) Guojia hanghai 国家航海 / National Maritime Research: Introduction to the periodical of the Shanghai Maritime Museum Abstract
Shanghai Maritime Museum
Vol 3 (2011) Imaging the Ceramic Landscape of Premodern Japan Abstract
Barbara Seyock
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings Introduction Abstract
Nicola Di Cosmo
Vol 6 (2012) Marriage Customs of Non-Han Ethnics in Song China: An Annotated Translation of Chapters on Marriage Customs in Songmo jiwen Abstract
Hang LIN 林航
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings Prolegomena Abstract
Francesca Fiaschetti, Julia Schneider
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings Reflections on Qing Institutions of Governance: Chinese Empire in Comparative Perspective Abstract
Roy Bin Wong
Vol 7 (2013) Rethinking Exchange and Empires: From the Mediterranean Idea to Seventeenth-Century Macau and Fort Zeelandia Abstract
Roderich PTAK
Vol 7 (2013) Rethinking Exchange and Empires: Senkaku/Diaoyu and Cold War Strategies: Another Battle for Okinawa? Abstract
Reinhard ZÖLLNER
Vol 4 (2011) Rumour, Hanjian 漢奸 and Identity: Who Led the ‘Barbarians’ to Burn the Yuanming yuan? Abstract
Man Li
Vol 7 (2013) Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands Dispute: The U.S. Legal Relationship and Obligations Abstract
Vol 1/2 (2010) Some Glosses on the Sea Straits of Asia: Geography, Functions, Typology Abstract
Roderich Ptak
Vol 1/2 (2010) Some Observations on Cash Metals from the Ryūkyūs 1664–1874 Abstract
Qing Wang
Vol 1/2 (2010) Song China and the multi-state and commercial world of East Asia Abstract
John Chaffee
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings The Dayi juemi lu 大義覺密綠 and the Lost Yongzheng Philosophy of Identity Abstract
Pamela Kyle Crossley
Vol 7 (2013) The Diaoyu 釣魚 Islands in Traditional Chinese Sources: An Introduction Abstract
Vol 5 (2012): Special Issue - Workshop Proceedings The Ethos of the Envoy and his Treatment by the Enemy in Han History Abstract
Hans van Ess
Vol 3 (2011) The Global Economy and the Sulu Zone: Connections, Commodities and Culture Abstract
John Warren
Vol 8 (2013) The Qazaq Khanate as Documented in Ming Dynasty Sources Abstract
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